Friday, December 26, 2008

Chemical peels!

You know Sometimes we can go a few months with neglecting our skin and we can get damage from all kinds of icky stuff so what can we do to get our skin smooth and soft and flawless like a 10 year olds skin?..CHEMICAL PEELS!!!yay!

now i gotta warn you they hurt like hell but the results are ohh so worth it

please get your peels done by dont want to scar or mess up ur skin.

also did you know that a very mild chemical peel solution is sitting right in ur cabinet?

White or apple cider vinegar!!!very mild acids these are and over weeks time your skin should be soft smooth and drama free!


  1. I use apple cider vinegar on my face sometimes...i used to use it on the regular!

    I will treat myself to a real peel one day!

  2. yes they are totally worth it and make ur skin flawless!